Spanish Bombs


I played guitar and sang. The EP we recorded is on Spotify and SoundCloud. Big thanks to Greg Goodman for engineering, mixing, and mastering everything.

Band lineup:

  • Josh Minyard (drums)
  • Danial Norman (bass)
  • Drew Norman (guitar, backing vocals)
  • Caldwell Dunlap (lead guitar, backing vocals)
  • me (lead vocal, guitar)

We have some material not recorded that I'll be sharing soon.

Thimble Collective


Collaborations with Greg Goodman (guitar, programming, engineering), Josh Minyard, Shon McFall, and others. Usually with me playing bass and singing.

Ryan Green


From recording to cassette as a high-schooler on up, I've been writing songs a long time. I started learning guitar at age 10 in 1996. About 6 months after starting, I started making up my own melodies and words and haven't run out of ideas since!

Additional Projects

I recorded under several different names over the years and collaborated with several people.

Copies of Copies


This is a series of 3 tracks produced on one Sunday evening in my old room at my parents house in Columbia, TN. Sequenced drums in Fruityloops on a Dell Inspiron laptop, live vocals and guitar and bass all run into a cassette 4-track recorder. These songs carry the energy of the dance-punk era and really show where I was trying to go with the Spanish Bombs project.

You Killed Captain Clown!


Practiced and played a show or two with this band. Core members were Ken Lovett and Frank Hasenmueller. Matt Castalano played guitar one one of the recordings I have.

College of Engineering

College fun in 2004-2005.

Recorded 3 tracks with Matt McDougall and Mike "Mudman" McGhee in the Browning-Evins (B&E) dorm at Tennessee Tech University.

Watch these tracks being recorded.


Roughly 2004-2007.

This is me learning Fruityloops and programming/sequencing different things. Lots of subprojects happened (Fowey Produkshunz, Pope, Pup Ciao, Cat Town) but they all were the same thing. Me and a computer making music.